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Roush and Saleen Mustang Dealer


Ford of Murfreesboro is now your ROUSH and SALEEN Performance Dealer, visit our show room at 1550 NW Broad Street Murfreesboro, TN 37129.  Come test drive and take home the new 540hp 2012 Stage 3™ Mustang from ROUSH. This model features the New Ford 5.0L 4-valve DOHC TiVCT engine further enhanced by the R2300 ROUSH supercharger, feeding 10psi of intercooled energy to the already robust Coyote engine. The ROUSHcharger increases the base horsepower from 412HP to an impressive 540HP. ROUSH stands behind this system with an impressive 3 year/36,000 mile full powertrain warranty. Or try Taking home the all new 2011 SALEEN S302 with a 425 naturally aspirated horsepower at the driver's command, and official SALEEN suspension and exhaust system giving it the aggressive sound every performance car should have. With this two choices making the decision that much harder, but either vehicle will make you the talk of the town. Taking you dream car home will turn heads as you rev the 540 horse power engine and wake up the racer in you, as you grab on to your performance steering wheel and the customer Q-ball shifter  as you feel transmission kick into first gear and your all new performance tires burn the asphalt as your car goes from 0-60 mph and then you feel the performance 14inch rotor system and 4 piston brake system stop your car as you make it to the end of the street. whether the selection is the SALEEN or the ROUSHcharged mustang you will be happy to take your limited number car home. But you have to hurry they are limited and going fast.

With a number of color selection and different color graphics that complement the red in the brake calipers and choice of 20" wheels to complement the custom body kit by ROUSH and SALEEN and not to mention the custom bucket seat with that will hold you in the car as the car fly's through the street. The suspension for the ROUSH system consists of finely tuned ROUSH front struts, rear shocks, front and rear springs, front and rear stabilizer bars, jounce bumpers, and anti-wheel hop kit. The SALEEN has their Saleen Racecraft suspension making these both cars FAST, STABLE, and STURDY for when the rubber hits the road. This cars have been part of history for years and have been featured in numerous of movies like the SALEEN has been featured in Transformers as Barricade  and the ROUSH Mustang being featured in Death Race. Be part of history and own a limited edition ROUSH or SALEEN Mustang today.
ROUSH has been making quality aftermarket parts for the Ford Mustang since 1995 making different designs and performance parts so we can have the racers edge, owned and design by Jack Roush a well known character in the Nascar industry. Making every ROUSH car one of a kind and affordable to have in your garage, whether you wanna drive your ROUSH around town or take it to the speedway for the 1/4 mile run it will satisfy the racer in you. With the ROUSH super charger and all the ROUSH upgrades the car sounds, looks, and is a race car.
SALEEN was founded by a well respected race car driver Steve Saleen in 1983 when in 1984 they came out with the first Mustang SALEEN. Making every car they customize one of a kind with what they call there 5 E's Extreme performance, Expressive styling, Exclusive, Exceptional value, Experience (driving one ? experiencing it ? makes all the difference. Exactly what they deliver in every SALEEN Mustang.


ROUSH 2012 Mustang Hyper Series


Lively. Tireless. Active. Fierce. Excited. The vehicle design team at ROUSH Performance continues to build on their theme of DETROIT MUSCLE | REDEFINED by launching a limited quantity of ROUSH Stage 3 (RS3) Mustangs aptly defined as the Hyper-Series.

The 2012 ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang is powered by a 50-state legal TVS 2.3L ROUSHcharger® system that delivers over 540HP and 465 ft/lbs of torque. The powertrain works in concert with the ROUSH-calibrated suspension that lowers the Mustang by almost an inch, and enables the vehicle to pull over 1G of lateral force on a dry skid pad. The ROUSH-tuned performance exhaust delivers a throaty growl that let's everyone know that you're piloting some Detroit Muscle.

The Hyper-Series builds on the ROUSH Stage 3's horsepower and handling by offering a set of four limited edition appearance packages. "The 2012 RS3 Mustang has been a big hit with our customers and enthusiasts. Not just because of the RS3's power and handling performance, but also because of the 288 graphics and paint color combinations that can be selected," says Gary Jurick, VP and General Manager of ROUSH Performance. "The Hyper-Series introduces four spectacular and unique graphics and interior colors that provide a customized appearance to the RS3."

Each 2012 RS3 Hyper-Series Mustang comes standard with black body paint as the base. The Hyper-Series palette includes these four color options: "Mat It Mango", "Gas It Green", "Punch It Purple", and "Launch It Lemon". For the 2012 model year, ROUSH Performance will only build twenty-five vehicles of each color. Vehicles will be serialized as ROUSH certified builds, and will be numbered as per their production spot for each Hyper-Series color (ie: "Vehicle #12 of 25 ? Mat It Mango").

"The materials used in the Hyper-Series graphics really allow these unique colors to pop and dance in the changing sunlight," continues Gary Jurick. "The primary graphic color is hyper black, to compliment the hyper black wheels, and then the graphics accent stripe appears in the selected Hyper-Series color." This color is then applied to the exterior graphics, badges, and rear faux gas cap. The dynamic accent color also carries through the interior on the suede door panels, leather seating, and the shift boot stitching.

Each 2012 RS3 Hyper-Series Mustang comes with two shifter balls that are easily swapped out depending on the mood of the driver. "The Hyper-Series shifter ball color really 'pops' as you view the interior of one of these Hyper-Series RS3's!" says Jurick. "We decided to include a second shifter ball that's a bit more conservative, if preferred."

The 2012 RS3 Hyper-Series includes a suede-wrapped steering wheel to add a comfortable feel while driving a performance car. Finally, each new RS3 Hyper-Series owner will receive a unique accessories package including ROUSH apparel and display items to commemorate their serialized Hyper-Series vehicle.

The Hyper-Series RS3 is covered by a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty and is currently available with a 6-speed manual transmission only

Come visit and test drive a ROUSH or SALEEN Mustang today call to make and appointment (866) 682-2064
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